Monyog MySQL Monitor 6.4 Has Been Released

by Oct 8, 2015

Important notice: With the 6.32 release we changed registration keys. Please have your new key available when upgrading from a pre-6.32-version. As always you will get it from our Customer Portal.

Features (as compared to 6.34) include:

Performance Schema is now available in Realtime
Monyog can now capture all queries and display it in realtime which was not possible earlier with SHOW FULL PROCESSLIST output. To view all queries in realtime, make sure Performance_schema and 'statements_digest' table is enabled. If not, Monyog will display the output of SHOW FULL PROCESSLIST in realtime.

To enable Performance schema, you need to edit the MySQL configuration file and add performance-schema=on under the [mysqld] section. Performance_schema is available with MySQL 5.6.14 and above.

To enable the statement digests table, execute this query :

UPDATE performance_schema.setup_consumers 
SET enabled = 'YES' 
WHERE name = 'statements_digest’; 

Bug fixes
Users with MySQL v5.6.3+ will now see explain plan for Insert, Update and Delete queries in Wayback Machine and Query analyzer.