Monyog MySQL Monitor 6.5 Has Been Released

by Nov 4, 2015

Changes (as compared to 6.4) include:


* On Amazon RDS and Aurora, MySQL log files (Slow Query Log, General Query Log and Error Log) can now be read by Monyog. So Error Log monitoring is now possible here, and the Query Analyzer does not require logging to tables anymore. For this the Amazon "REST" API (and not SFTP) is used. Client functionalities for this API have been integrated into Monyog.
* Added monitors for Galera: "Presence of non-InnoDB tables" and "Tables without a primary/unique key".

Bug Fixes:

* Monitors and Real-time page failed to load on Internet Explorer 8 (highest IE option on WinXP) due to javascript errors.
* Fixed a rare crash when connected to MySQL 5.7.6+.
* Accessing Realtime interface could cause a crash if connection to the server was not available.