Monyog MySQL Monitor 6.55 Has Been Released

by Aug 29, 2016

This is yet another bug-fix release in the current 6.5x tree. Most important connecting to Amazon RDS using SSL failed with previous builds. The fix for this issue involves upgrading the (MariaDB) C-connector to latest version (2.3.1).

Changes (as compared to 6.54) include:

Bug Fixes:

* The “Explain Query” dialog box in Real Time and Query Analyzer returned the message “Extended is deprecated” for MySQL 5.7.3+ servers. Now (plain)  “EXPLAIN” is used to fetch the value.
* In rare cases some monitor groups were not getting Enabled/Disabled at “Manage Monitor groups” page when using Internet Explorer.
* The fields “SeriesCaption” and “SeriesValues” in “Edit chart” page did not give any error on saving when having different number of arguments, but a console error showed up while loading the charts.
* Monyog was not able to connect to RDS instances using SSL encryption. Attempting to do so returned the error “Failed to connect to MySQL: SSL connection error: certificate verify failed”.


* The option "Notify when server configuration changes" will be enabled by default when notification is enabled.
* Now counters may be customized from “Events” tab as well.