Monyog MySQL Monitor 6.6 Has Been Released

by Sep 7, 2016

This new release adds a few features, enhances information provided to users and fixes a few bugs. Most important Monyog user management now supports 'roles' and  LDAP roles can be mapped to Monyog roles. Also, it is now possible to restrict access to specific tabs for specific users.

Changes (as compared to Monyog MySQL monitor 6.55) include:


* Monyog user management was enhanced with a 'roles' feature.
* LDAP role based access: users can now map External LDAP roles to MONyog roles.
* Added option to restrict access to specific tabs for specific users.
* SNMP traps will now have “Tag” and the “MySQL hostname” in the message.
* Now Monyog will show the number of servers selected in the tag along with the total servers in that tag.
* Added a message in the charts page if system charts are enabled and SSH settings are not enabled.

Bug fixes:

* When adding a server through Monyog API, sniffer was not enabled by default.
* The setting for “Override send notification when alert-able?” was ignored if the value specified was greater than the setting for “Send notification when alertable”.
* In rare cases, Real-Time failed to start a new session and showed a random number.