Monyog MySQL Monitor 6.62 Has Been Released

by Sep 21, 2016

This release fixes a few regression bugs, improves performance when generating charts and adds more pre-configured CSO's and charts and extends the API.

Changes (as compared to Monyog MySQL Monitor 6.61) include:


* Charts are now loading faster with large time range.
* Added more pre-configured Galera charts and Performance_Schema Custom SQL Objects.
* Improved the performance of SQL-query in CSO 'Tables_Without_Constraints'.
* Added a new API "_disabledmonitorgroups" for enabling and disabling Monitor Groups at server-level.

Bug Fixes:

* Support for the ‘clear-text plugin’ (used by Oracle/MySQL LDAP authentication) and the ‘dialog plugin’ (used for MariaDB PAM authentication) was broken.
* With RDS servers Monyog could fail to detect log file content and size and would display the error “No queries found” and "Unable to fetch file size". It happened because of recent changes in the XML-response of Amazon’s REST API.
* Slow query log/General query log paths were not always setting properly when adding/editing a server using the MONyog API.
* MySQL InnoDB-related charts displayed empty with MySQL 5.6+. The reason was removal of the 'have_innodb' server variable in MySQL 5.6. Now these charts don't depend on this variable.