Monyog MySQL Monitor 7.02 Has Been Released

by Jan 31, 2017

This maintenance release adds monitors for monitoring disk space available for the Binary Log and fixes a few bugs introduced mostly in 7.0.

Changes (as compared to Monyog MySQL Monitor 7.01) include:


* Added two new monitors for monitoring Binary Log volume in Linux monitor group. Please note that this will work only for MySQL 5.6.2 and above.

Bug Fixes:

* For RDS instances, the Error Log files were not getting fetched. This was introduced in 7.0.
* When upgrading from a pre-7 release, LDAP settings could be overwritten. Also this  was introduced in 7.0.
* Queries containing ‘<’ or ‘>’ were not displayed properly in Overview, Real-time and Query Analyzer pages. Instead the HTML-codes '&lt', '&gt' displayed.  Also a 7.0 bug.
* When running 7.01 as a non-registered TRIAL some pages could 'hang' in rare cases. 7.0 was not affected.