Monyog MySQL Monitor download count crosses 100,000

by Jan 6, 2010

Happy new year!

Just before Christmas the number of downloads of MONyog (from distinct email addresses) crossed 100,000. Here is the situation as of now:


This is of course a nice Christmas present for us to have. But more important: it reflects that today – as opposite to the situation just a few years ago – that even average MySQL users have understood that tuning the server configuration as well as the schemas and the queries used by applications is essential.

The default settings for the MySQL server are not appropriate for a heavy-loaded server and even the standard configuration files (or configuration 'templates') shipped with the server will not have the specific settings required for optimal configuration in most situations. And even the best server configuration won't help much if databases and queries are poorly designed. We benefit from the growing understanding of this but also believe we have contributed significantly to it by making MONyog available. Its agentless design and the total lack of dependencies on external programs (database, web server, scripting environments) makes MONyog the easiest deploy-able solution for MySQL monitoring. You are up and running in less than 5 minutes. Additionally it is a very rich application providing functionalities you do not find anywhere in any other integrated solution.

Recent additions to MONyog include (just mentioning the most important things added in last few weeks before Christmas):

  • Exports of Query Analyzer output for import to spreadsheets and databases for further analysis.
  • Extended alerting options: now alerts can be send as mails or SNMP traps (or both) and alerts can be sent for long-running queries as you define it.
  • The MONyog API: An HTTP-based (and thus totally cross-platform) interface for controlling MONyog from shells as well as scripting and programming environments. Introduced in 3.65 just before Christmas, it is far from complete as of now, but it is extensible – and will be extended.

And MONyog development does not stop here. We develop it aggressively and have recently increased the MONyog developer team. Stay tuned!

Team MONyog