MySQL Conf. 2009 special – Get 20% discount on all products, Monyog 3.06 released!

by Apr 17, 2009


We will be present at MySQL Conference & Expo, 2009. If you are around Silicon Valley, don’t forget to meet the team behind your favorite MySQL tools at Booth #317. We are happy to offer a flat 20% discount on all purchases made during this month. Use the coupon code: uc2009 during the purchase.

Also, we are pleased to announce the release of MONyog 3.06.

Changes (as compared to 3.05) include:

Bug fixes:
* Installation on Windows could fail with a js32.dll-related error. Waiting a few seconds and 'retry' would solve this but now the error does not come.
* Fixed a 'false alert' related to settings for temporary tables (the error occurred because of comparing an integer with a non-integer).
* With slow query logs generated from servers greater than 5.1 Query Analyzer "Max" column would show a value without decimal point if the query count was greater than 1.
* Chart popups from Monitors/Advisors page would sometimes only populate from next time data was sampled (it was a concurrency issue in code).
* 32 bit builds for Linux failed to populate the Monitors/Advisors page. This bug was introduced in 3.05.
* 3.05 TRIAL build for Windows would expire at a fixed date and not after one month as it should.


Team Webyog