Native Support For Zfs/zpool Monitoring

by Jul 27, 2010

To the team at Up.Time…..

The product has come a long way since the days of 2.x when i started using it. However, i must say that the lack of native ZFS/ZPOOL monitoring is surprising. Your responses to other requests for this is for the customer to create a service monitor to do it. Since ZFS technology has been in Solaris 10 for many years now, and since disk usage/monitoring is fundamental to any monitoring product, I would like to know why it hasn't yet made it to your product. Since many on your team had even worked for Sun, I would have expected built-in ZFS/ZPOOL support by now. I've been patiently waiting for this for quite a while and our ZFS/ZPOOL deployments are growing. I don't mind writing my own shell scripts to monitor, report and alert, but this should really be built into Up.Time at this point.

Please provide the timeframe, if known, for ZFS support. I've talked to folks on your technical and management teams, but haven't received a clear indication on when it will be supported, or even why it is not now.

Thanks for any feedback you have.