Need to fire the PowerShell script when idera alert is degraded

by Dec 3, 2018


Please give us the proper solution for below challenge.

Scenario 1:

From IDERA alert responses and actions, we are firing the PowerShell script which will call the alert ingestion rest API url of our product. We applied the below conditions in rule configuration.

       1. metric severity is changed.

        2.metric severity is informational,warning or critical.

        3.metric is in specified list.

        4.sql server is in specified list

In select actions we  selected run the following program(PowerShell script).

Scenario 2:

Now we need to  fire the another PowerShell script  when severity comes to ok state and the powershell script  will call the close alert ingestion REST API url of our product.

For the second scenario we have created the one more rule and from alert responses and actions we are the poweshell script. Below are the condition applied.


      1. metric severity is changed.

       2. metric severity is OK.

In the first scenario we are getting the proper metric names as it is showing in IDERA monitoring console. But in second scenario we are getting some truncated names like SQL,Procedure.

Our requirement is to get the same metric names in both the scenarios when alert is raised. 

Can you please share your solutions for this challenge.

Thanks and Regards

Siva Mullapudi