New Audited Database

by Sep 9, 2014


I think Compliance Manager is a GREAT software. It gives great insight into what’s going on in our SQL environment. I’ve used it to gain such granular insight on to what’s going on in regards to DDL and permissions that I wouldn’t want to live without it.

I had one feedback item I’d like to give around the “New Audited Database” functionality. Is there any way this can be set to automatic or a “ALL” selection so any new databases will automatically be audited? I have a particular system that auto-creates databases on a regular basis and also sometimes DBAs forget to go into Compliance Manager and make sure to audit new databases.

In any case, I’m currently developing my own custom SQL query to do this check for me and alert me if any databases aren’t audited. Thanks for making the back-end SQL Compliance databases easy to use and accessible, it’s another big plus to this product.

Thank you,
Joseph Hampton