New patch releases available for ER/Studio 16.5.0 (2016+) and also ER/Studio Team Server 16.1.x (2016)

by Aug 4, 2017

For customers using ER/Studio 16.5.0 (2016+), the 16.5.1 patch release is now available.  This patch contains a number of performance improvements and bug fixes for ER/Studio Team Server 16.5.0 , particularly for model publishing and viewing.  It also contains several minor bug fixes for ER/Studio Data Architect 16.5.0 (2016+).
For users of ER/Studio Team Server 16.1.x, w (2016) we have also created a 16.1.6 patch release for that version of the product.
To obtain the patch please contact IDERA support at
Product documentation may be found at