New plugin – Monitor Windows NTP metrics

by Jul 28, 2017

Hey folks. Robert here. On my last day with Idera I've been doing some final housekeeping and I wanted to make sure I committed any of the stuff I had been working on that hadn't made it public yet. This is one of those. 

For those in the Windows world wishing to know what their servers are using for their time source, you may find this plugin useful. It does have some contraints at the moment, as again, it is not 100% complete. I have included an example however on how you may wish to complete it. Currently, in order to work, it requires you run the uptime data collector as a user who has administrative access on any computer it is going to monitor. This is largely an unfavorable solution, though it does work. More favorably, one could wrap the commands in an invoke command and provide the user credentials via a secure token. I do this in my Monitor Windows Memory plugin also referenced in this forum and on github (   for those of you not wanting to dig.)

The plugin and readme are available on the github repo here as a zip in the dist folder: