No option to "Run Policy NOW" among other issues

by Oct 10, 2015

When I want to run an ad-hoc exec of a defined policy, as in, it’s a public hoiliday, nobody working, done some maintenance and a bunch of testing, so make the tables optimal.

I can’t do this!

Neither can I CONTROL exactly when an hourly policy will actually START. It seems that if I touch it, it restarts the next-exec-hour from the time I saved the changes, which doesn’t seem right. For example, I changed the top-10-hourly to run on 20% or greater, expecting it to run at noon – no 1:56:34 – huh? I want it to run ON THE HOUR, and I want my next database’s TOP 10 to run at 10 past the hour, and the next – well, you get the idea… NO SUCH FUNCTIONALITY.

PROBLEMS DURING THIS EVALUATION: new tables can’t be seen AUTOMATICALLY, no columnstore tables, policies I can’t tell to run “now”, policies I can’t tell when to run relative to the clock, can’t Export from one instance to another (multiple customers, each on their own INSTANCE, same named databases = Export-Import, not 22 type it over’s!)… And that’s in the first hour of evaluation and I have SIX YEARS of using this tool elsewhere, so I know it works, BUT I have to show flexibility/manageability/coverage to my management or they’ll dismiss it out of hand!