Nullpointerexception In Monitorcustomscriptrunner.parseoutput()

by Feb 25, 2015



We are experiencing an issue in our new up.time installation in our data centers, using a modified version of the File and Directory Monitor plug-in.

We get the following stacktrace when running “Test Service Monitor”:

2015-02-24 11:15:30,316 | DEBUG | uau4rs | ServiceThread-1 started@2015-02-24T11:15:30 | [z7vxpv] Failed to run script.
               at com.uptimesoftware.uptime.erdc.MonitorCustomScriptRunner.parseOutput(
               at com.uptimesoftware.uptime.erdc.MonitorCustomScriptRunner.monitor(
               at com.uptimesoftware.uptime.erdc.helper.ERDCRunner.runErdc(
               at com.uptimesoftware.uptime.base.event.erdc.ErdcEventRunner.runEvent(
               at com.uptimesoftware.uptime.base.event.erdc.ERDCEventProcessor.runServiceMonitor(
               at com.uptimesoftware.uptime.base.event.erdc.ERDCEventProcessor.process(
               at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(Unknown Source)
               at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$ Source)
               at Source)

The alert mail that we receive contains the following:

Host: (OK)
Service: sschols test
Service State: CRIT

Output: Failed to run script: null

Some time ago, we modified that custom script on a trial version of up.time, and everything worked perfectly on our test system.

Can you indicate what the problem might be and what we have to be looking for?


Kind regards.