Open Precise on Statistics View showing Health

by Jan 23, 2019

Precise's Statistics view provides DBAs with a quick assessment of overall health. 

One way to go directly to this view is via Favorites in the Precise GUI.  This will update Internet Explorer favorites.

SQL Server Health

Navigate to Statistics, clicking on the star in the top right of the UI (this icon represents favorites); click Add in the pop-up menu shown above.  The Statistics tab can be opened directly when opening Precise via IE favorites.  It is recommended that you not make Precise IE's default site.

Additionally, the second blue arrow points to the bar at the top of Precise's GUI.  It provides access to the URL for the particular view currently showing.  Double clicking here will copy the URL for the page and time frame to the clip board.  It can be pasted into IE to allow a colleague to open Precise with the same view as you.  Many DBAs will email the URL to a colleague to begin collaborating on a particular issue.

SQL Server Health