ORA-6550 Encounter the symbol “End of File” when expecting one of the following

by Nov 3, 2018

When I try to execute a store procedure in Oracle I get an error. When I execute the same procedure in SQLDeveloper it completes without error. It seems like is an error due to the ADS Query Analyzer(?) Does anyone have the solution to this or an advice of how to execute a store procedure in a way that will work in both tools (SQLDeveloper and ADS)? Thank You


Thomas Conrad over 4 years ago
Hi jjsai,

I am guessing that it is tripping over the square box character at the end of that line.

Thanks, Tom

jjsai over 4 years ago in reply to Thomas Conrad
Thank you for your reply. The issue is the ‘;’ Separator in the general options. Once I deselect this one I was able to execute by using: BEGIN PROCEDURE(); END; GO