Oracle Advanced Metrics For V5.2.107

by Aug 26, 2009


Two questions:

1) Trying to find out what queries it does to get this information from the DB. There is an article abut it also says that it is for version 4.

Are the same queries ran on version 5.2.107?

2) When testing the created instance I am getting

* Status: CRIT
* Message: Monitor failed: ORA-00942: table or view does not existn
* Buffer Cache Hits: 88.8
* Data Dictionary Cache Hits: 88.27
* Library Cache Hits Ratio: 96.04
* Redo Log Space Request Ratio: 0.0
* Disk Sort Rate: 1.808482869748844E-4
* Active Sessions: 0
* Response time: 0 ms

using a user acct with sysadmin db rights, any ideas?

Thank you,