Oracle, SQL, Sybase, DB2 Performance

by Aug 7, 2017

Every DBA knows that they are guilty until proven innocent when performance problems arise.  You are one of the usual suspects and it makes sense.  Every significant business transaction interacts with the system of record.  The database is the foundation of performance.  The application cannot go faster than the database.

For shops where performance is important, the DBA will need numbers to document what is happening.  This is where IDERA’s Precise solution can benefit you.  It measures SQL statement activity once a second 24 by 7 with a light footprint.  The resolution of visibility is orders of magnitude finer than products that measure once every 5, 10, or 15 minutes.  This is vital for low-latency, high-throughput applications, OLTP, finance, and very often SAP.   

Precise shows activity, objects, parameters, and the environment for a comprehensive view of all sources of contention.  Precise has built in recommendations and before & after measurement.  If you ever hear “no news is good news”; that’s bad news.  Precise completes the feedback loop; numbers support your management decisions.  You are never left guessing.

Precise covers Oracle, SQL, Sybase, and DB2.  Under IDERA Products page, click on “Precise for Oracle”.  That will bring you into the realm of the “Precise Application Performance Platform”, click See It In Action.  This hotlink brings you straight there:  See It In Action.