paid one-to-one Training

by Sep 21, 2012

Hello All,

Would anyone interested in doing some paid one-to-one teaching? my company said they may fund this for me i.e. WebEx into my PC/Lab (we have WebEx account). Can pay via paypal for example and claim back on my company expenses (need to agree the actual fee with my boss first). An hour hear and an hour there when time allows for both of us, if you have the time and are interested please email me/reply (if its OK to reply in the forum?)

I have gone through the following material so far:

Sapien PowerShell training videos from Don Jones,
read "PowerShell in a Month of Lunches" (Don again),
read "Mastering PowerShell" by Dr. Tobias Weltner,
reading "PowerShell and WMI" by Richard Siddaway",
learnt a reasonable amount above RegEx (i.e. lookaround expressions etc)

I now need to try to focus/accelerate my learning with subjects like using the .Net Type

Adapters with PowerShell i.e. [ADSI] etc, making better use of hash tables, arrays, New-Object. Making better use of advanced functions i.e. by property name and by value etc, basic use of providers such as SQL Provider, SMO and other providers etc. Shortcuts, tips and tricks, that sort of thing.

I would then prepare crib sheet of what I want to learn/gain a better understanding of (i.e.

one of two subjects at a time), send this to the PowerShell teacher in advance (together with the fee via PayPal for example) so when we have our hours session we are both focused on teaching me a given topic, and other bits and bobs if time allows.

Is the above something anyone might be interested in helping me out with? Or if not do you

know another good PowerShell scripter/MVP how would be interested in earning some money and

spreading the joys of PowerShell well doing it?

Thanks All