Patch Analyzer Showing "Service Pack" available when it's really Cumulative Updates

by Dec 6, 2016

I just updated from 1.8.x of SQL Admin Toolset to I noticed that the wording seems to have changed. Instances that used to say "Hotfixes" were available now say "Service Pack" available, when it's NOT a service pack, it's a cumulative update for a service pack. Shouldn't this instead say "hotfix"?

An example is SQL 2012 SP3 CU4 (2011.110.6540.0).  That is showing a service pack available, but the newest update is actually the same service pack, but with a different cumulative update. SP3, CU6.

Now that I know what to look for, I'll pay extra extension when looking at results, but this is potentially confusing, especially for places that treat CU installs different than they do SP installs.