Performance testing on Ms Excel database

by Jan 14, 2014

Product: Aqua Data Studio
Version: 15.0.0-dev-68
Database version : MS Excel

Operating Environment: Windows 8 (6.2, amd64) / Cp1252 / en / IN / Oracle Corporation 1.7.0_21-b11
Memory: Max=704,643,072; Total=425,132,032; Free=288,918,056; CPUs=8

Connect to Excel file which have records in it using ADS and do a select over it. Here is the statistics of over observation.

Records(Excel file) Retrieve time
5000 3 second
10000 5 second
20000 11 second
30000 Failed

Now increase the memory size of the ADS by editing you ads batch file.Below are the observations.

Records(Excel file) Retrieve time
5000 2 second
10000 5 second
20000 10 second
30000 45 second

If a user have a file which have more then 30K records and memory allocated is default, then in such case user need to increase memory manually. Can we enhance performance of ADS excel drivers and can also provide a way where user don't have to do it manually and system itself can do it for user.