Piles of deadlock errors now in V9.0, didn't get them in 6.6

by Mar 31, 2015

We recently upgraded SQL Diagnostic Manager from version 6.6 to 9.0. We’re now getting lots and lots of email notices about deadlocks on some of our servers. Almost all of our databases are for vendor software so we can’t change the code to fix the deadlocks. Does Idera SQL DM version 9 report more on deadlocks than previous versions do?
I’d like to get fewer emails about the deadlocks since we’re getting spammed by the notifications. Under the Alert Response for Deadlocks, our custom alert for deadlocks, I’ve specified getting an alert “Where ‘Deadlock’ severity is Critiacl and metric severity has changed send an email to xxx’. Is the only way to not get spammed to remove the alert response so it doesn’t email me at all?
Any new ideas would be greatly appreciated!