Postgres sql generation issues

by Nov 2, 2019

Generating code for postgres has some issues.

I have been using Aqua Data Studio for about a day and am quickly becoming frustrated with limitations which may have solutions or may just be short comings.

First the schemas do not generate. I can set a schema for objects but that does not translate into that schema being generated.

Second, I see no way for identity columns to be generated. I have a primary key column with the data type of bigint but cannot declare it to be an identity. Setting the default to be identity does not work because default Identity is not valid and it should be AS IDENTITY.

Drops are not wrapped in checks if the object exists.

Does anyone have workarounds for any of these issues?

Thanks in advance.



Devin Gallagher over 3 years ago
Schema Script Generator will extract ddl for Tables, Views, Indexes……

Server Script Generator includes Users……is that your question about “schema being generated?”

We will share the Identity Column requests with Product Development