Powershell to SSH through Putty

by Aug 21, 2011

Wanted to get some advice as to what's the best way to go about using SSH to login to Cisco switches and pass configuration commands.  I'm very new to powershell and see the potential it has to automate repetitive tasks, but  I'm having problems figuring out how to even go about it.

So far, I have created a configuration file that I'm using to identify specific variables. (Hostname, VSAN ID, wwnn, wwpn).  I'd like to pass them into SSH session so that I can automate the host zoning process. 

$Login = C:Appsputty.exe -ssh -l $User -pw $Pass $IPAddr

Once in, I can't figure out how to pass commands to the session.  I'd like to be able to pass commands directly into the terminal using my variables, but can't seem to figure it out…If Anyone has any experience with this or knows how to go about doing it, please let me know, I've been combing through a few books I've just bought, but can't figure out how to complete, what seems to be such a simple task. 

Thanks in advance for any and all help.