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Create a PowerShell script named Get-FileOwner.ps1 The script must require at least PowerShell Version 5.1 The script must accept as input a named...

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Registry access

I have just begun attempting to access the Registry using Windows 10 and Builder 10.3.3 Rio and immediately ran into a problem: "[bcc32c Error]...

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App installation

Hello guys, I'm hoping to find some help installing an application through PowerShell or cmd. Its installation window keeps downloading...

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Power shell Newbie

I am so desperate and hoping someone can help. I am currently taking a class that requires me to learn power shell in 2 weeks!! Ugh!! I need a...

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Dynamic Offset?

Novice user... Please type slowly and use small words.  I am running using Powershell ISE to pull results from my online database. For a...

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