PowerTip "Find dependent services"

by Jun 2, 2011

To get the value of a property there are several ways to get the result


Get-Process vmnat | Select-Object -ExpandProperty modules

(Get-Process vmnat).modules


Both lines give me the same result, but in the following example the first line works, the second does not

Get-Service spooler |

  Select-Object -ExpandProperty dependentservices |

  Select-Object -ExpandProperty status

((Get-Service spooler).dependentservices).status



When I have a look at the members

(Get-Service spooler).dependentservices | get-member


Then I can see, that the Status property has {get;} at the end. Is this the reason to handle it differently? How has it to be handled then?

I have figured out that the following line will give me also the result


(Get-Service spooler).dependentservices | ForEach-Object {$_.status}


But I am still curious why

((Get-Service spooler).dependentservices).status

does not work.