Precise 9.8.0 GA

by Nov 10, 2017

We are pleased to announce the general availability of Precise V9.8.0


Here are some of the highlights:


Oracle 12CR2 support on Solaris and Linux

Full support for Oracle Multitenant Architecture (Containerized Databases) on Solaris and Linux on Oracle This This is an important area for sales of Precise and we are now perfectly positioned to take advantage of the activity when customers begin their upgrades to Oracle

 DB2 11 Support 


Support for DB2 11 databases is provided. Support for DB2 10.5 is also provided on AIX.


Windows 2016 Server Support


Support for the Precise framework on Windows 2016 Server


AIX 7.2 Support


Support for the Precise framework on AIX 7.2


Additional Wait Events for SQL Server 2016


Precise now provides details of all SQL Server 2016 Wait Events


Reduced Oracle PMDB user privileges


The Precise PMDB user no longer needs full system admin privileges in the Oracle database after installation.


Bug Fixes


A number of bug fixes have also been included in the release too


Installations & Upgrades

Precise V9.8.0 can be installed as a new installation and applied as a single upgrade to any V9.7.x installation.

For more information, please refer to

Download and install your Precise V9.8.0 software from ;

A big thank you and a hearty well done to everybody involved.