Precise for SQL Server Findings Report | automatic problem identification with recommendations

by Dec 16, 2016

Precise elevates the IT professional to the next level with automatic problem identification and recommendations.  Precise detects everything in SQL Server from locking/blocking, waiting, logging, sub-optimal indices, to issues with tempdb.

The automatic problem identification is controlled by the warehouse job “Perform SmarTune Analysis”.  These job analyzes newly captured performance data once per hour and creates a report that is accessible in Precise for SQL Server’s expert GUI.

This screen shows how to access the controls.

This screen shows a subset of the SQL Server problems automatically identified.  Please note the scroll bar.  This is just a taste of the situations identified.

Completing the feedback loop is essential to management by measurement</span>; six sigma.  This way you prove to yourself that the change applied worked and quantifies the improvement delivered.  Precise is always-on capturing all information, all of the time.

Verify the new & faster execution time and that the optimizer chose the new execution plan.  Document that a critical business report is now ready for executives sooner.  Share with application owners that multiple users can submit budgets with a minimum of contention.  Feedback shows the stakeholders that the DBA is doing more than monitoring; they are improving organizational efficiency.