Precise for web shows only a location of All

by Jul 23, 2014

You may notice that in Activity tab in Precise for web your location data only shows a Location Name for All. Although Precise is designed to show multiple locations currently you must define the IP range of locations in your environment. This can be somewhat cumbersome in a large environment with many different subnets. To help simplify the process you may use a XML file to list out locations and use the CLI to load your location list into Precise.

1. Create an xml file , say with name locations.xml.

2. Edit and add the following lines to it. Note: if you are monitoring a public site you may wish to add public location data from geolite (

<location name="Lin">
<ip from="" to="" />
<location name="Sap">
<ip from="" to="" />
<location name="Dev">
<ip from="" to="" /&gt

3. Put the file in the precise root directory

4. Run the following command from the Precise root directory. Change psin_cli.bat to for Linux based environments.
 infrabinpsin_cli.bat -i3-user <i3-username> -i3-clear-password <i3-password> -action import-settings -dialog locations -settingsfile locations.xml

5. Now you can go to AdminPoint->settings->Locations and see the locations added.

Your location data should be broken up into the defined address ranges in Precise for Web.