Print Image Email attachments to pdf

by Jun 29, 2019

Very new to Powershell, and I have been unable to find how to use 'Print to PDF' for a png file and save it in the same location as a pdf. 

I found the code below, and the first portion works great to save an email attachment to the specified folder.

$ol = New-Object  -Com Outlook.Application
$ns = $ol.GetNameSpace('MAPI')
$olinbox = 6
$inbox = $ns.GetDefaultFolder( $olInbox )
$olPdfFolder = $inbox.Folders.Item('testsubfolder')
$olPdfFolder.Items | %{ 
    foreach ($attachment in $_.Attachments)
        $attachment.SaveAsFile( "C:test$($attachment.FileName)") 
$shell = New-Object -com Shell.Application
$shell.Namespace('C:test').Items() | %{ $_.InvokeVerb('Print') }

The code that is not working is the following, and I am unable to find how to convert the saved png file to a pdf.

$shell = New-Object -com Shell.Application
$shell.Namespace('C:test').Items() | %{ $_.InvokeVerb('Print') }

Ultimately I am trying to save a png email attachment, convert it to a pdf, then attach to a new email and send. I would also like to schedule this task. I know there is a better solution!