Protect your SQL Servers During the Pandemic

by Apr 23, 2020

How are you dealing with security vulnerabilities during these turbulent times?

Because of the unfolding pandemic, organizations need to make urgent decisions to ensure organizational continuity while keeping their workforce safe. That leaves them vulnerable to attacks that exploit the situation. A balance must be found between providing access to databases and ensuring regulatory compliance and security.

SQL Security Suite monitors and protects SQL Server databases from malicious activity, identifies security weaknesses, and allows you to close the gaps. This powerful bundle includes:

SQL Compliance Manager Audit SQL Servers by monitoring and tracking changes to SQL Server objects and data, and sending alerts on suspicious activity. Quickly generate audit reports to show compliance with regulatory and data security requirements such as PCI DSS, DISA STIG, NERC, CIS, SOX, HIPAA, and FERPA.
SQL Secure Find security vulnerabilities and user permissions for SQL Server and Azure SQL Database. Identify who has access to what and alert on violations of your corporate policies. Monitor changes made to security settings, generate audit reports, and view recommendations on improving your security model.

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