Push Agent To Client Servers

by Jun 30, 2011

Hello to anyone that can help,
I am a complete newb when it comes to the up.time software.
I just want to know if I can push the agent to one (or some, or all,if neccessary) of my servers from the up.time webinterface without having to touch each individual server??
We are running a very mixed environment from windows 2003 to 2008 servers to hp-ux, aix, red-hat a various linux operating systems as well as a very up-to-date and dynamic virtual environment.
I am not worried about the vmware stuff, but there are some windows machines that we can't connect via wmi and obviously we have other o.s. that don't have that functionality.
If it were only a hundred servers or so that wouldn't be so bad …. our environment is alot bigger that that though.
Thanks for any info or insight!