Query Analyzer Fails On Javascript Error Parsing Ajax Response

by Jan 7, 2015

Server Environment:

MONyog Enterprise 6.23 running on Centos 6.4 on "server A"

MySql 5.6.22-log running on Centos 6.4 on "server B"


Client Environment for using MONyog:

Windows 7

FireFox 34.0.5



General Info (see attached "gen-info.JPG")

SSH connection test is successful.

MONyog verifies path to mysql slow log via SFTP (see attached "valid-mysqld-slow.JPG")

The slow log has read permissions for everyone.


Error Details:

After clicking Analyze button and waiting for ajax response, red error box is displayed "Something went wrong, try reloading the page!" (see attached "error-display.JPG")

See attached "ajax-post.JPG" and "ajax-response.JPG." jQuery cannot parse the invalid JSON response, and no specific information is provided about what the problem is.