“Quick issue detection and excellent customer support”: Stefan Schiele

by Oct 16, 2017

Stefan Schiele, CEO, SCT Schiele talks about how Monyog helped them run mission-critical applications smoothly and without errors.

SCT Schiele are specialists in e-commerce solutions in the B2B market. The company provides deep integrations into the merchandise business, thus enabling large clientele to increase their e-commerce revenue.

Enabling e-commerce

Today, every customer expects the websites to load faster and applications to run without lag.  When your applications perform poorly, your customers notice immediately. As Stefan Schiele puts it – “Nowadays everyone expects e-commerce systems to be available 24/7. Without continuous monitoring, this is simply unachievable.”

SCT Schiele data centre has a number of own production servers and servers on which their customers run & operate services; the company currently uses Oracle, InterSystems Caché, MySQL and MariaDB databases. To avoid transaction loss, Stefan's team is planning to migrate all databases to a MariaDB Galera Cluster over the next few months.

Issue Resolution through Deadlock Monitoring

When a section of their e-commerce solution moved to a MariaDB Galera cluster, they experienced some issues with the documents detail view for orders, quotes and delivery notes.  Sometimes the stock availability wasn't shown on the web page although they received this information from the SAP system. This report was inserted with a combined update/select SQL statement into the table containing the positions of the document, and this statement failed for an unknown reason with a 3 to 5 percent rate.

Stefan started trying out Monyog for its ability to deal with a MariaDB Galera Cluster which is set up as a master/master replication.

Stefan says,

“Monyog almost instantly showed the main cause of the issues our systems were experiencing through monitoring of deadlocks. All of the deadlocks affected the table where the document positions were stored, and these deadlocks were what caused some of the update statements to fail.”

After storing the information for the document views from the SAP system in the database, they used several insert/select and update/select statements to write this information to another table. In fact, this led to millions of write operations per day on the same table, and this was what caused the deadlocks on this table. After Monyog helped them identify the main cause of the issues, it became a simple fix.

Customer satisfaction: Monyog >> SCT Schiele >> E-commerce clients

Stefan praised the Monyog customer support team in assisting him to find the underlying issues quickly. In return, this helped SCT Schiele to provide greater support to the e-commerce solutions for a large clientele.

Stefan says: "For an e-commerce solution that receives hundreds of thousands of page hits per day, quickly fixing deadlock issues made the application run smoothly without any errors. Therefore this led to customer satisfaction – and that's important.”