Quickly Change Multiple Values

by Sep 2, 2009

This especially applies to “member” services, but is applicable to all of them.

Our organization is now approaching thousands of monitors on hundreds of servers across dozens of organizations.

More than once, we have had to change some of the threshold parameters or other configurations on a service that is applied to large numbers of elements. Currently, these have to be made one by one via the GUI interface, or directly to the database via ODBC / SQL queries.

This product would go from what is currently a very high-maintenance administrative burden to a delight to administrate if we could select multiple items (elements, or groups, or service monitors, etc) and change a common variable/value all at the same time.

Similarly, if a master service is changed for which there are members, the ability to replicate the changes to the master down to all the current members.

This would alleviate 75% or more of the administrative effort required to operate Uptime in our organization.