Real Benefits of a Unified Database Management Solution

by Sep 20, 2019

The sheer quantity of data that an organization is required to manage to stay competitive is growing every day. Big data and the Internet of Things (IoT) have introduced new information streams that need to be assimilated by many businesses. The proliferation of data has led to an increase in the amount and diversity of databases that an enterprise employs.

Efficiently managing these databases is critically important in making intelligent decisions that affect a company. The role of a database administrator (DBA) is more important in an IT environment now than ever before. One of the primary skills required by modern DBAs is the ability to nimbly move between different database platforms and implementations.

Consider this example. Just as you settle down as start to work on a local SQL Server instance you get a call and have to address some issues with a MySQL database hosted by a cloud provider. As you finish up with the MySQL server your supervisor asks you to check out some things on another platform hosted by a different provider. You have now used three tools that all have idiosyncrasies in the last ten minutes, and it may take a few seconds to get your bearings.

This is a typical scenario faced by database professionals daily. Using the native database management tools available with each platform is one way of dealing with a diverse computing landscape. However, it does introduce the possibility of productivity losses as a DBA bounces from system to system. If you think there has to be a better way, you’re right.

Aqua Data Studio Streamlined Database Management

Aqua Data Studio is a database management solution that eliminates many of the challenges associated with working in multi-platform environments. Aqua Data Studio supports a wide variety of popular databases including cloud-hosted instances. The tool enables a DBA to access and manage all of their databases from the same interface and runs on the Windows, Linux, and macOS operating systems.

Working with Aqua Data Studio will result in many opportunities for increased productivity by your database team. Let’s look at a few specific ways this application makes it easier to manage a complex, multi-platform database environment.

Database connectivity and administrative tools for most popular platforms are an integral part of Aqua Data Studio. These tools let you manage the core aspects of your servers with managers for database security, storage, instances, and sessions. Some platforms such as Amazon Redshift and Oracle have additional managers that address their unique features.

Building queries is an essential task of a DBA which can become confusing when working with the similar but unique implementations of SQL presented by different database platforms. Aqua Data Studio eliminates the confusion with its drag and drop Query Builder Tool. Write complete executable SQL queries for the selected database with a few clicks. Eliminating the occasional syntax errors that accompany multi-platform programming combined with the simplicity of creating SQL queries leads to big productivity gains.

Database object tools are another feature of Aqua Data Studio that will enhance the productivity of your database team. The Schema Browser enables users to quickly locate any database object and right-click on it to perform CREATE, ALTER and DROP commands. This can be a great time-saver in situations where you need to make the same type of change across multiple databases

Saving small amounts of time repeatedly throughout a workweek can add up. Substantial productive time can be returned to your business by streamlining the tasks that commonly occupy a large percentage of your DBA’s day. Aqua Data Studio allows your database team to get their management work done more quickly so they can move on to other tasks like optimizing performance which leads to happy users.