Recommended Structure for Business Process Modeling and Notation Workspace

by Oct 19, 2019


My team and I are modelling all the business processes using BPMN and are wondering what a best practice is for structuring such an undertaking. This question revolves around proper logical separation of concerns (i.e do I segregate the models/diagrams by business unit such as HR, Construction, Engineering etc), proper usage of Projects, Models, Diagrams and Elements etc.

My initial thought, being a long time software engineer/architect is:


     BusinessUnitModel1 (e.g. Construction)

          ProcessModel1 (e.g. ConstructionProcess1)




          ProcessModel2 (e.g. ConstructionProcess2)






     BusinessUnitModel2 (e.g. HR)…

You get the drift. Am I on the right track?

Thank you for any advice/assistance.