Resolutions for your Data Management Strategy

by Jan 26, 2019

As 2019 has just begun, it’s a good time to assess what you accomplished last year and what goals to set for the new year.  It’s also a great opportunity to review, evaluate, and update your company’s Data Management Strategy to promote alignment and derive maximum value for the business.   In doing so, we need to ensure that we are replacing resolutions, which are often prone to failure with an effective approach to implement lasting change.  This means letting go of numerous misconceptions, getting back to basics and rolling up our sleeves to do the hard work – there is no easy button!

In my recent Dataversity webcast, I discussed several approaches that are either counterproductive or ineffective, contrasted to positive, tangible steps to implement data management strategy.  It highlights the gap between the very small minority of organizations that utilize information to its full potential vs. the majority that are lacking capability and investment in value-driven information strategies.

The replay of the webcast is now available for viewing HERE.