Results pane feature request

by Oct 28, 2017

The single handiest feature I'd like to see just now kind of works with things as they are. But…

I like to keep a couple Execute Edit windows open for a couple queries. Daily, I frequently whack a partial string into the search box in that window, narrowing the visible records down to a few rows. Copy/paste a few things and I'm on my way. It's the absolute fastest way to do a handful of many things I do with ADS.

However, that's two windows open. It'd be nice if it was one. Also, I don't need to edit, so there's a lot of button-bar clutter, and several tabs I don't need for my simple purpose.

The thing that would do the trick is a typical results pane in the main ADS window. But I can't pop that out into a separate window — it stays attached to my query analyzer window. I generally have a dozen or more analyzers open, so to get at it as needed I'd have to navigate my tabs first. Also, if I need a refreseh I need to target the query at issue in the analyzer window and run it again. There's no refresh button on the results pane itself — which kind of makes sense, though I could see a case for there being one.

ANYWAY, I can pin several results in the results area of the UI. What would happen if I could pop out that whole area — with multiple results tabs for different queries — and what if it had a refresh button? Maybe even an "autorefresh" option with selectable timeframe.

Just a thought. Screen shot attached. I suppose some other buttons would be handy. The usual right-clicks for results. Just something I could have in a separate window, floating about my multiple screens, handy instantly to whack a few keys and get what I need.

Bonus points if such a window could be created with multiple tabs from a set of abbreviations stored as a series of queries, executed from a query analyzer pane with a "pop-out results" button in the toolbar. How to target the pop-out window for further results from later queries, I can't say.