Run query, but ignore or do not try to display results?

by Nov 4, 2014

There are times when I want to run a large .sql file with many query statements, but I don’t care about displaying the results. There are so many statements that ADS runs out of memory when processing the results, presumably for display. I know I can increase the memory allocation to ADS, but is there any way to tell ADS query analyzer to just feed the file to the SQL server (MS SQL Server 2012) and discard the results?


Niels Gron over 8 years ago
If you disable the “Text Results” it gets rid of most memory usage. If your script doesn’t have resultsets then nothing will be displayed. ADS 14 is optimized for running large sql files.

Lance Cotton over 8 years ago
How do I disable Text Results? If I hide the results panel, it shows up again when I execute the query file’s contents.

Niels Gron over 8 years ago
You can disable the Text Results in the application menu Query->Show Text.