*runscript-bundled.bat* file do not export any data when the data is greater than around 115mb

by Nov 3, 2019

Hi there,

I have already contacted Aqua Data Studio Support 2 weeks ago but there is no answer this regarding so I would like to try the Forum :).


I am working on Automation of some SQL-Queries using the Bat-File run script-bundled.bat for example with the following commands:

  • >runscript-bundled.bat -cDB_NAME -fPath_to_SQL.sql -oPath_to_Output_File.txt                                            
  • The result would be an executed SQL and the results of it would be saved as a Txt-File on the Computer.
  • The main Issue is now that when the Txt-File is bigger than around 115mb no Output file will be generated.

What I have tryed:

I have increased the Memory on two places:

  1. Increased the momery within the datastudio.ini File, see below:

       2. Increased the Memory within the runscript-bundled.bat File, like this below:

Current Situation:

None of the above mentioned methods helpt, increasing the Memory withit those 2 files did not effect anything except the Performance during the SQL execution.

I guess somewhere in the files of Aqua Data Studio 19 there is the correct Setting but WHERE is the question 🙂 , who knows it ...

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aniltexascowboy over 3 years ago
Hi Toni,

You will need to increase the XMX values in both the run-bundled.bat to atleast 5-6 gigs of Memory and in the DataStudio.ini as well.

The Metaspace as well needs to be updated with higher values.

I was successful in using it by increasing the memory in both places.

10 millions rows exported from a SQL Table.

I used a sample script from stackexchange here.


WITH L0 AS (SELECT c FROM (SELECT 1 UNION ALL SELECT 1) AS D(c)), — 2^1 L1 AS (SELECT 1 AS c FROM L0 AS A CROSS JOIN L0 AS B), — 2^2 L2 AS (SELECT 1 AS c FROM L1 AS A CROSS JOIN L1 AS B), — 2^4 L3 AS (SELECT 1 AS c FROM L2 AS A CROSS JOIN L2 AS B), — 2^8 L4 AS (SELECT 1 AS c FROM L3 AS A CROSS JOIN L3 AS B), — 2^16 L5 AS (SELECT 1 AS c FROM L4 AS A CROSS JOIN L4 AS B), — 2^32 Nums AS (SELECT ROW_NUMBER() OVER(ORDER BY (SELECT NULL)) AS k FROM L5) select k as id , ‘a_’ + cast (k as varchar) as a, ‘b_’ + cast (k/2 as varchar) as b into t1 from nums where k <= 10000000 === Cheers! Please kindly log a support case here for future reference. Request Support Submit Support Requests via the Customer Support Portal If you have a current subscription with valid maintenance, you can log into the customer support portal to view past support tickets and submit new issues for review. Register for the customer support portal on the registration page. Direct Email Support If you are a trial user or prefer to send email, you can reach out to our Support team via email. When contacting Support, please provide the following information: Copy the technical information available in the Aqua Data Studio menu Help > Support Information
Include any screenshots to illustrate the problem, if applicable.
Make sure to tell us the database server vendor and version you have problems with.
Include any application logs, which are located in \.datastudio\logs ( learn more )
Include any JVM crash logs, which are located in the application installation folder.
You may email the above information to the support email address, support@aquafold.com,

Best regards

Lisa Waugh over 3 years ago in reply to aniltexascowboy
Thanks Anil!


comtoni over 3 years ago in reply to aniltexascowboy
Hi Anil,

increasing the xmx value to 6000 solved the issue !

Thank You a lot for the fast and perfectly described solution.

Now we can Keep using Aqua DS for our test Automation.

Thanks and br,