Sap Monitoring And Dependencies/hierarchical ?

by Apr 30, 2008

As a new to uptime user and potential purchaser Im wondering about two things and a seach has revealed nothing.

Can uptime monitor SAP ? We have lots of SAP and we'd like to monitor it.

How does alerting work with regards hierarchy? I'm used to using serversalive and this has hierarchical monitoring at its heart: example: a switch has 50 hosts connected to it, each host runs a service: thats 101 monitoring checks: if the switch goes down all we get is one alert: the switch is down: we dont get 101 alerts: the switch, the 50 hosts, the 50 services on the hosts: it tells you the failing component highest up and the checks which are dependant on it are managed as offline until the failing component returns.

Thanks for your input,Hovis.