Sending a Support File and Other Information to Support

by Jun 11, 2014

Hey! Did You Know……………….?

If your company is extra conscious about being secure, perhaps you do not have access to get outside as much as you would like. This can present a problem if you need get to the Precise FTP site. At times, you need to send us a Support File or screen shot or any other piece of information that we may ask for to use in analyzing a Support issue you may have.  Well, what if you are blocked from getting to FTP?

Not to worry! If you are unable to get to our FTP site, a great alternative is Hightail – formerly Yousendit.

You can access Hightail here:

Lastly, if Hightail is a challenge, one additional option is that your Support Engineer can initiate a WebEx session and files may be transferred right through the WebEx!