Sending mail with Powershell

by Oct 29, 2014


I am a novice with PowerShell.
I intend to see if it is possible to use PowerShell for my desires.

One of my wishes is to send mail, with a PowerShell script, from an another application.
(I have used Blat, but experiencing some limitations in newer operating systems)

Have found several simple script that sends an email in an easy way, but have not found how it is possible to transfer information to a PowerShell script. All text must work with the Swedish characters åäö

ie, obtain a program structure in my other programs that are similar.:


PoverShellScript to, from, Subject, Message, attachments (send a message)


Is it possible to send information to a PowerShellScript? (How?)
  Information that is interesting to transfer is .:
  – One or more email recipients
  – From name or return email address or both
  – Subject
  – Message as text or HTML (maybe from a unicode file)
  – One or many attachments as PDF or zip
(Either, the information for the SMTP server is in the PowerShell script, or the information have to be sent from the other program.)

Is it possible to compile and make an EXE file from a PowerShell script? (How?)

Other requests could be.
Is it possible to save passwords for PowerShell encrypted somewhere?

How do I know if the message has been sent correct?
And if the message is not sent – why?

I use IMAP on the mailserver..
Is it possible, somehow to see sent messages in the "Sent Box" for example in the email client Thunderbird?
(I don't have Outlook on these computers)


Right now that's enough with these issues[:)]