Server type dropdown

by Nov 2, 2021

We’re new to Aqua Data studio.  When registering a MS SQL Server instance, is there a way to create more “Type:” options in the dropdown?   If so, where do I do that?


Thomas Conrad over 1 year ago
Hi John,

Unfortunately, those are the only options available and are not configurable. I can open an enhancement request, if you want, to make the options configurable in a future release.



John Waclawski over 1 year ago in reply to Thomas Conrad

Yes! That would be very helpful. I know we have “Reporting”, “Infrastructure” and “Logistics” for starters that would fall under a “type” of server.

Can you forward the enhancement request number (if that is what it is called) and link, so I can follow it if I am able?

Thank you!

Thomas Conrad over 1 year ago in reply to John Waclawski
Hi John,

I opened enhancement request #15855 to be added in a future ADS release. This issue can be found here for you to follow.

Let us know if you have other questions about Aqua Data Studio.