set-location "cannot find path"

by Apr 6, 2016

It's a pretty common response to many different errors it seems – but I can't find an answer that matches my scenario.

I have ruled out typos, quotes (wrong ones or lack of), embedded spaces, escaped characters, authorisation, and seem to be just going around in circles!

All the manuals, tutorials, tips, etc. seem to imply that it should be as simple as typing Set-Location \PCNameShareName but do you think I can get this to work on our file-server?

Set-Location \UserPcC$ works fine (most of the time, but there are even a number of those I cannot access…) BUT

Set-Location \FileServerPublic gives me the dreaded "Cannot find path '………….' because it does not exist" error.  But if I type that same string into Explorer – it shows me all the folders in the Public share.

Is there something I need to do on the server first before I can access it like this, or would the fact it is on a different subnet have any impact, or maybe our global team have enforced some group policy that would prevent it?

Any clues would be gratefully received 😉