Setting up Oracle for IDERA ER/Studio – Part 2

by Mar 23, 2016

Howdy! Welcome to the next installment of the series.

In today’s series, we will explore the options for Oracle Client Setup needed for ER/Studio.

Install the clients needed for your environments.

Reboot after installation.

[Verifying Environment Variables]

1) Navigate to the Environment Variables Path.

For more information on how to do it, check this article.

Navigate to the PATH variable section and make sure that the Oracle client is at the very front of the path as shown in the screenshot below.

 Notice: the Path points to the Oracle 64 bit client and 32 bit clients respectively.

Now time to ensure that your Oracle client is configured for TNSNames.ora

[Oracle Net Configuration Assistant]

Click on Start –> All Programs –> Oracle_home_client1 –> Application and Configuration Tools –> Oracle Network configuration Assistant

Now follow the screens as shown below


Don’t worry about the error, click on the change login and enter the appropriate credentials.


Once you have entered the right credentials you should be able to connect and get a successful connection.

 Next, make sure you enter a Service Name, I have used XE as it represents my Instance.

 Click Next to proceed.

Choose No and click Finish to save the changes.

We shall now make sure by doing a TNSPing in the Command Prompt.

Launch a Command Prompt Window and enter the following command

tnsping XE –> Replace XE with your Servicename and you should get a OK message as shown below

Now let us launch IDERA ER/Studio Data Architect and Choose File –> New –> Reverse Engineer from a Database

Choose Oracle as the Native Connection

Enter your Service Name under Data Source –> XE is our case

Enter the credentials and choose the schema you need in the next screen, and you should be able successful in using ER/Studio with Oracle!

From the Schema pick the HR schema from the Ellipse button.


Congratulations!! Y’all now have Oracle Client successfully configured for IDERA ER/Studio.