Setting Win7 Base configuration, is this doable with powershell?

by Aug 14, 2012

Greetings all,

I'm super new to powershell and haven't done much scripting, except for a little bit in Ubuntu 10.04 and RHEL 5.3.

Long story short, I am working on a project in my company that may potentially involve 35+ closed network systems to for simulation, with each system containing anywhere from 7 to 15 Windows 7 computers that all require the same base configuration.

Because we've had problems in the past with different members of my team configuring the computers slightly differently, there are always tweaks that need to be made on site that eat up a lot of time something as simple as forgetting to enable network discovery or not manually setting the IP correctly can set us back substantial amounts of time if we start troubleshooting in the wrong place.

I'm looking to configure all 200+ of these PCs in the same base config, and the actions that need to be performed are:

Enable Network Discovery

Turn on file/printer share

Turn off password protected share

Disable IPV6

Set Static IP

Set hostname

Set Workgroup

Disable firewall(closed network)

Set action center to never notify

Add host to local intranet sites in internet options

Autohide taskbar

Disable Aero-peek

Enable Auto-Login (usually done through windows + r)

I also need to empty the startup folder and add a shortcut to the startup folder.

All of the computers on the closed system have the same username and same passwords.


It's all fairly simple stuff, but I'm not really sure where to start–I'm definitely not looking for anyone to whip up a script for me, but i am not sure what is or isn't possible under powershell. The whole process takes 15 or so minutes per each computer, I'm looking to try to trim that back to 5.