SIM and Dashboard unusable

by Jun 22, 2019

We upgraded to the latest version of SIM & Dashboard in March of 2019.  Initially worked about 50% of the time but the delay in loading the main page was painful up to 15 minutes.  After a few additional maybe week or two the web pages stopped rendering all together.   I have gone round and round with tech support and the development staff but no one can make it work.  It takes support a week to get back to me or even give me an update yet we provide the information to them within 30 minutes of a request.  The products used to be good as well as tech support but here recently it has gone downhill and continues in that direction.

While this statement is not related to SIM it is related to the topic of support and reliability.  SQL Safe last upgrade was down from a console standpoint for a week and DM was down for about a month before the issues were figured out and we were provided work arounds for DM and Safe to at least get us back up and running with the workstation clients.  DM & Safe web clients have never worked in our environments and it frustrates me to no end as Idera has taken functionality out of the workstation client and moved to the web ONLY or come up with new features that are web ONLY.

I have been working with tech support on these issues for months and in some cases of removed features such as the ability to restore object level restores for more than a year to put it back in the desktop client.   

The dashboard and SIM simply put do not work and to put it in context we have 330 plus instances of SQL Server and more than 12000 databases, beyond frustrated